Aspray: Introducing New Franchisee Craig Conley


Craig Conley joined Aspray in 2013 and came from a property developing background. He heard about the Aspray franchise and signed up to receive newsletters from the company website. Craig explains: “The newsletters kept me in the loop with information and it was actually four years later when I got in touch.”

We asked Craig three questions about the franchisee recruitment process:

1. What do you think about the recruitment process?

“It was really thorough. I was given tasks which gave me an insight into the business and what would be needed from me as a franchisee, this helped me understand if Aspray was the right fit.”

2. What do you think about the training we offer?

“It is really good and what’s more, the training is ongoing so it really helps. I have just sat some training today, three years in!

3. Why did you buy a franchise?

“It fit with what I enjoy doing – I enjoy property developing, dealing with people and helping them. The job satisfaction is really good, when people say thank you, it’s a great feeling!”

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