Easy Apps: Noel and Norah O Sullivan


We recently started the Easy Apps Business Opportunity and over the last month it has gone extremely well. So far we have built apps for a Kavanagh’s bar, Wilton Cabs, Premier Irish Golf and the Finest News Paper and have a host of other clients looking for mobile apps.

When we first approached Easy Apps Business, I had a few concerns because I knew nothing about mobile apps, but after I signed up and went through their training, my wife was so impressed she is now helping me.

If we are out with a client and they ask a question I can not answer I can ring the office and one of the guys is happy to talk to my clients and answer any question they have , and this has been a great help especially at the start.

At the moment we are working part time, but our goal is to do this full time.

The main things for us is that we have made the £740 it cost us to get going and have made a tidy profit as well. So all the apps we make now is all profit for us (as far a we are concerned this was a barging) . To see more information on the apps we made here are the links to see them in the apple and android app tore.

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