Are you ready to start a home based business ?

Are you looking for something different, one that actually works ?

A business where you never actually have to personally sell anything

Where all you have to do is give out free samples to eager people

And all you need to run your business is your smart phone

You are ? Then please read on.

Your future starts right here

My name is Roy Hale and alongside my wife Tina we are Brand Influencers for Revital U International.

Now you may not have heard of us yet but you are certainly going to. Why ? Because we are changing the way our industry does business. We are turning it on its head and people are starting to notice in a big way.

Introducing Revital-U International

We have a truly unique approach. Why is that ? Because we never sell anybody anything - Ever...

We allow customers to BUY from us instead and we are breaking sales records each and every week all because we took a different approach.

We allow customers to try before they buy by sending them a free sample.

And because we have a self evident product that they feel working almost immediately, they become customers. Or they join our business.

Or they decide it isn’t for them. We let them decide. We don’t pressure them to become customers.

And Our Product Is... Smart Coffee

We have a proprietary blend of coffee that :

  • Provides extra energy
  • Provides sharper clarity and focus
  • Has a mood enhancer to make you happier
  • Reduces sugar cravings and suppresses hunger. Aids with weight management and loss

Revital-U Smart Caps

And for those who don't drink coffee, we have the answer. Revital-U is about to become your new best friend. Our Smart Caps are engineered to be disrupters of brain fog, afternoon naps and avoiding the scale, all without making radical lifestyle changes. It’s your day, make it count.

U benefit from our Smart Caps designed to carefully combine scientifically supported nutrients for a focussed mind and energized body. Engineered to help experience feeling and looking your best. Activate the #POWEROFU.

The Revital-U Business Opportunity - Become a Brand Influencer

When a potential customer of yours shows an interest in a Revital-U coffee product, they will receive a free sample. This includes:

  • All-in-one sample mailer
  • Brochure with content written to engage
  • Customized letter with your name/ website
  • Auto follow-up emails

For each sale you will earn personal customer commissions.

If your customer then decides to join the business, you will also receive a commission from their customer sales also.

4 Ways to Earn

1. Personal Customer Commissions

2. Team Customer Commissions

3. Team Achievement Bonus

4. Global Bonus Pool

Your Business Opportunity Package

What does a business you can open for just £250 look like?

  • 20 online digital samples that the company send out on your behalf
  • These can be either Coffee or Capsule samples - your choice
  • Plus in your welcome pack you also get
  • 15 sample packs of Revital U coffee sticks
  • 13 sample packs of Revital U coffee capsules
  • 1 tub of coffee for personal use
  • 1 Revital U coffee mug
  • 2 personalised websites to promote your business on social media
  • 1 sample web site for customers to order their own samples from
  • A state of the art app to entirely run your home based business from
  • Training videos and documents to help you market successfully
  • A back office system to monitor your business progress from
  • Executive support team to support you all the way
  • The opportunity to build a substantial residual monthly income
  • Be part of the fastest growing company in the business
  • The opportunity to get your investment back in the first seven days
  • Plus get up to £1000 in fast start bonuses in your first 30 days

What Are We Looking For In a Brand Influencer ?

  • We want people who are not afraid to put in the effort required to build this business
  • You need to know that anything worth doing requires a bit of work
  • You also need to be able to follow a simple system that is tried and tested
  • We are unique as all we do is we give people samples. Our product does the selling
  • This means that you never have to sell anybody anything at all

Mostly you need to be prepared to invest in yourself and your future

If this is you and you want to chat further then we would love to hear from you

You don’t even need any previous experience. We have the perfect system for everybody

Be in charge of your own business, by sharing a product you believe in.

PLUS.. Start your Revital-U business today and receive a £50 Discount!

Does This Sound Of Interest?

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