With Nudge, Just 3 deals next year could earn you £129,600!

Your role is introductions, meeting clients, taking care of the relationship. The rest, we take care of

You will help business owners to find, fund and acquire companies to grow their brand, increase their profit and maximise their exit valuations.

You will be home based, with a lead generation specialist, a financial manager, a funding strategist and a tier 1 negotiator working with you on every deal.

You will enjoy access to deals across the country and across the globe, making international deals in a £51 Billion Industry in the UK alone.

Just 3 deals next year could earn you £129,600!

Imagine. From your laptop or phone, you carry out an hour of research on-line.

With the information you uncover, you send an email to the owner of a manufacturing company in an exclusive area that only you have the rights to.

The business he owns is worth £1,000,000. In your email, you tell him that you are aware of a business for sale in the same sector as he is in. You tell him that it’ also worth £1,000,000 and how by owning it he would put his company in the top 10 in his industry.

You tell him that you can help him take control of the business… for ‘no cash down’… and you would like to have a quick chat.

Would he pick up the phone?

On the call, there is no ‘sales pitch’. You explain that when he buys the new company, both companies (his existing company and the new one) value would increase dramatically, making his new ‘group’ worth over £2,850,000. An increase of £860,000. You ask him to meet for a coffee at a local hotel, to see how it works.

Would he agree to meet for a coffee?

Before you meet, you email him a presentation outlining exactly how this can be achieved. Stats, proofs, testimonials to make sure he understands the principle of the opportunity and so is ‘warmed up’ when you meet.

Over coffee in a local 5 star hotel, you explain how, by working with you, he can acquire the new company using 100% funding, including our fees of £54,000.

You show him how, when the new company is bought, you and he (or she) can work together and double his company size and value by buying other companies.

"As soon as you have a potential client, you book in a conference call with the entire nudge team, to discuss options, opportunities, finances and closing the deal, and you invite your client onto the call to show him how a professional deal making team does things......Right there, is your opportunity to run a territory with Nudge M&A"

You offer, for an affordable monthly retainer of just £600, a full team of researchers, negotiators, deal managers, accountants, finance partners and strategists on hand to help him build his company, increase his profits and multiply his eventual exit value, when it comes time to sell his company and retire.

Would he sign up with you?

That is your opportunity to earn £60,000 a year in consultancy fees and with just three deals a year (you can do a lot more) £129,600 in commissions.

Just five clients secures a high consultancy income, closing a deal for just three of them would give you earnings of up to £129,000.

Company Background

Nudge is a London based mergers and acquisitions consultancy. We have worked with companies from £1,000,000 to £68,000,000 in annual revenues to help them find suitable acquisition opportunities.

We find, fund and consult on acquiring companies so that our clients can grow through acquisitions.

Of course, we recognise that as a London focused business, most of our clients are in London and South East, leaving a large number of multi million pounds deals untaken. So this is our opportunity to partner with newly trained and supported consultants, operating under the nudge brand in their own large, exclusive area, with the support of our full time finance strategy team and negotiators.

The brand is owned by an international acquisitions investment company with access to funding worldwide and a network of contacts who buy and sell companies as investments. To you it means the work you do will be local, national and international.

The key management in our team have collectively built companies worth over £300,000,000. You are in safe hands.

Your Role

There are no barriers. No pre-conditions to joining our team. If you have the right approach, are friendly, reliable and professional, we can train you in the detail and help you in the set up. We will be shareholders in your business, so you will have unconditional access to our entire team and your future success is closely linked to our own.

Nudge could be right for you if you are looking for a home based business that runs from your laptop and phone yet involves national and occasional international travel. Ours is a small team (just 11 areas are available plus our management team of 5) and has a low overhead/ high income potential for the right person.

Our strategy includes supporting your marketing and helping you develop connections. We send thousands of emails to company CEO’s every week, leads are automatically redirected to you to connect, meet and work with.

If you are good on the phone (no cold calling though) and confident when speaking, reliable at responding to queries, organised and professional, this could be for you.

Much of the work you do and the clients you take on will be from word of mouth. Good news travels fast and when a company CEO is talking about his growth success you can be sure your name and your number will come up in conversation.

"Finance is a big part of what we do, but you don't need to be 'good' with numbers. We employ an accountant to take care of valuations and financial strategy planning for you".

The hard work of valuing a company, negotiating price, reaching a deal and connecting the dots between offer, due diligence, accounting and legals is taken care of by our support team.

Your role is building credibility and trust with your clients. If you are a ‘people person’ and can juggle tasks, let’s have a chat.

"Work from your phone. You can take a client call while you are at home, on the golf course or even in another country"

You work the hours that fit with your life. You are never stuck to a desk and most of the tasks required can be handled quite well from your smartphone.

You will need an account on LinkedIn (not a free account) in order to drive business to your website. We will train you on how this works. Your account on LinkedIn and your telephone bill are your main overheads in this business.

But, and this is important, reliability is key. If you promise, you must deliver, the credibility of our company rests with our people, that could be you.

"We have chosen a business model where our success is closely tied to yours. By forming a company with both of us as shareholders you are guaranteed our help, advice and guidance as you build your business".

We are offering a partnership where we and you jointly own the company you will be managing director and major shareholder of. That format means your success is ours, so you can be sure of continual support and growth from us in the form of training, strategy and hands-on help with closing clients and deals.

Also our training is guaranteed. If this is a fit for you and for us, you will have induction training with us over two days. If at the end of day one you decide our approach to wealth building doesn’t fit with your plans, you are free to let us know and we will return your investment in full and release the territory to another person. 100% guaranteed.

To make this opportunity affordable, we have created three entry options that depend on your investment coming in to the business and our on-going shareholding in your company. Request our information pack today and we'll get it sent to your email. If it looks like we could be a fit, we invite you to a telephone conference call with our team and a meeting in London before any decision are made.

Summary/ Benefits


  • A unique approach to a £51 Billion industry
  • Home based but with national and international travel opportunity
  • Work from your laptop and phone
  • Our finance team, negotiators, international offices and deal flow managers become your team, you have a professional image from day 1
  • Induction training and a team portal for connecting with the company
  • We attend key conference calls and meetings with you until you are ready to take them on alone
  • We help with negotiations for both your clients and with closing deals


  • A simple, hands free marketing approach to lead generation
  • We run online marketing campaigns on your behalf to generate your leads
  • Direct Mail marketing strategies for further lead generation


  • 500 Business Cards and 100 Printed Folders, all other marketing materials can be downloaded and printed as you need them (so they are always up to date)
  • Centralised website with a dedicated page for your territory
  • Centralised conference calling
  • Localised contact number (by city) that personalises your brand and integrates with our telephone system. 

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