3degrees Social: What Our Franchisees Say


A few words from our Franchisees...

When I joined 3degrees Social I thought I would learn to be a trainer and coach and have a business.

I’ve got much more than that from this, far more than I ever imagined.

I came from a background of no marketing, no business knowledge and from our training I’ve learnt so much all about marketing and sales to a point where in a meeting I was explaining to him about marketing and he was amazed, so much so he is now a client of mine. It was mind blowing that after such a short amount of time I could do that.

I’ve learnt so much more about LinkedIn I’ve managed to secure a world class speaker at my networking meeting, I would never been able to of done that before, and that was only through LinkedIn. And that’s through the knowledge I gained through my training.

Now I can impart that to other people."

Sally Cope, 3degrees Social Franchisee

"Being a part of 3degrees Social has given me so much more than I ever thought to gain.

I remember my first half day workshop – at first I was terrified I had never stood in front of a group of people for 3hours – but guess what it was a success, it’s easy because you’re giving lots of value."

Steve Taylor, 3degrees Social Franchisee

"It was really great starting with 3degrees Social because they had everything I could ever need when starting out in business immediately available.

Straight away we had professional headshots taken, business cards, pop up banners for use at workshops as well as my own website set up for me. The training to use all these things and running my own workshop has been fantastic and better yet everything was included."

Christina Jackson, 3degrees Social Franchisee

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