Clear Brew: Ken Shaw, Newport, South Wales


Taking on the Newport South Wales franchise for Clear Brew suited Ken Shaw perfectly.

As a store manager, he had been working up to 90 hours a week, so when he heard about the affordable franchise at just £10,000 plus VAT, he did some basic market research and became the first Clear Brew franchisee in June 2009.

"Part of the attraction was that it required a low investment, and I knew it would fare well in a recession anything else I looked at involved things people might economise on in tougher times", says Ken.

But Clear Brew is affordable because you need so little kit, just the boot of my car initially, though when I had 30 clients I invested in a van.

Ken broke even on the initial franchise fee within four months, and now matches his generous store manager's salary and his wife Cath has been able to give up her teaching job.

"Now I work 25 hours a week maximum – I am usually done by the time pubs open at lunchtime", says Ken.

"I love chatting to people in the pubs, and being my own boss, and best of all, I'm making a good living without working horrendous hours!"

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