Language For Fun: Brigitte Lacoste


Language For Fun: Brigitte Lacoste

Brigitte had extensive business experience. When I first met Jessica a few years ago, French For Fun was still in its infancy. I felt attracted straight away to the idea of teaching French to adults in a relaxed environment where all learners would feel safe to experiment with the language and grow their confidence in speaking.

Although I did German and English up to Master's level in France, my professional experience was built around Sales and Marketing at managerial level both in France and in England. The closest I had ever been to teaching has been in delivering training sessions for my sales teams. The French For Fun's training I received as a pilot Licensee has given me the skills and confidence I needed to get started. Running French For Fun classes has allowed me to reconnect with my life-long love for languages while still making great use of my professional skills in setting up and thriving as a self employed.

Although my initial launch in September 2010 did not really go as planned, the project really took off in January 2011 with my first 2 classes bringing in 16 students. I opened a third class in April. This term I am running 6 classes, all fully booked and am looking forward to extending further. French For Fun is a fantastic product!

The ready-made classes are easy to deliver while still leaving scope for flexibility to adapt to the group's profile and expectations as well as to your own style. Learners love the model as it gives them a solid structure to rely on and plenty of opportunities to practise and speak in a friendly environment. Alors… French For Fun ?… Oui, j'adore!

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