Language For Fun: Mathilde Briens


Language For Fun: Mathilde Briens

Mathilde worked full-time while teaching in the evening.

I have been teaching French with a French for Fun for two years and enjoy it immensely. I had never taught French before but I find the material fun and very easy to use. I started doing French evening classes alongside my full time job in Science and Management from which I finally resigned. I am now fully self-employed with three different activities. French for Fun has been a step in building my new life.

Jessica has created a very supportive team, full of creativity. I really enjoy meeting up with the other Language for Fun teachers and share our experiences. To be a Language for Fun teacher all you really need is enthusiasm! Teaching French for Fun classes is for me a way to share my French culture and meet new people while earning a nice extra bit of income… la cerise sur le gateau!

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