Language For Fun: Sally Hughes


Language For Fun: Sally Hughes

I came across Language for Fun a couple of years ago when Jessica was looking for pilot Licensees. At the time I was teaching Spanish part time in a local FE college and getting increasingly fed up with being booked to teach courses that then didn't run due to lack of numbers. So I contacted Jessica with the idea of adapting the French course into Spanish.

We worked together on the first term and a few weeks later piloted the Spanish course with a group of 6 learners. It's now 18 months on and I have 55 learners in 3 venues (including most of the original 6). It's not going to make me rich but brings in a very useful second income. I'm currently attending one of the French classes myself to get my own French up to scratch with a view to teaching French as well next year and doubling my numbers - watch this space!

What do I enjoy about being a Language for Fun Licensee? Lots of things! The flexibility to decide whether or not a course runs for example. I decided to carry on with my first Spanish class at Biddulph despite there only being 3 learners. I have
just started term 2 and there are now 9 learners on that course.

Getting my weekends back - previously I was spending most of them preparing lesson plans and marking work, but with Language for Fun all the hard work is done for you and assessment takes place during the class. Most of all, I look forward to my classes - they are now a pleasure instead of a chore! Is there a downside? Well, if you haven't been self employed before it might seem a bit daunting but it's really quite straightforward. So if you are thinking about becoming a Language for Fun Licensee my advice is ¡¡Vaya!!

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