Life Choices: Nicola Laing


My name is Nicola. With a background in food, I was interested to find a company that would support me to establish a business in the nutrition industry. I’d have no idea where I would be right now if I hadn’t seen the advert for Life Choices UK.

I now have a business that no employer can take from me. I work part time hours but earn full time money. Since I commenced my business, I’ve started a family and been able to spend just as much time with my son as I need and prefer.

In the future, we are planning more children, we’ve bought a lovely cottage and I now contribute to our household and family unit on the terms and hours that I decide. I’m a mum, a business owner and I’m proud that I earn my own income.

As a result of some dedicated but simple, my income can grow at a life changing rate. This means I can create more experiences and memories for myself (generally eating out wherever and whenever I like!) and my family can travel to places we only previously dreamed of.

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