Oast House Farm Snack: Helen Nash


Helen Nash had never imagined she’d run her own business, but when she started working for Oast House as an employee, she discovered an opportunity she couldn’t miss.

Helen explains: “Having previously worked as a Post Office Manager and then as a personal banker with a supermarket bank, I was desperate to find a new job that would be something different.

After meeting Matt, the MD at Oast House, I handed in my notice the next day. I immediately loved the job as I was out and about meeting people but I’d never considered running it as my own business.”

When Matt mentioned the franchise opportunity, Helen discussed it with her husband and went through the figures with Matt, after that she decided it was too good an opportunity to miss.So after five months of working as an employee she became a franchisee covering Worthing, Hove, Peace Haven, Brighton, Newhaven and Halisham, and hasn’t looked back.

Since then, Helen has found the team at Head Office easy going and very supportive. She says: “I’d never thought about running my own business before but with the support of the team at Oast House, I’ve been able to take on things that would previously have been very daunting, like tax! I’ve had regular training sessions and they’re always at the end of the phone if I need anything.”

Helen adds: “Running my own business has made me focus more on what gets bought at each location so I can tailor the contents better each time.

"I’ve never been a natural salesperson but I’m finding that I’m always looking out for new locations for boxes and I have the confidence to approach them. It helps that nobody is setting me targets, I just do it all at my own pace,”

As she’s dealing with the same people all the time, Helen is enjoying getting to know everyone in her locations, which include schools, hospitals, GP surgeries, offices, car show rooms and large retailers.

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