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Every Window Is An Opportunity

Martin Burge, Shuttercraft franchisee based in Bristol, has been trading since August 2012 and experienced strong results from the outset, exceeded all his monthly targets from the launch of his franchise. 9 months on he is on target to smash his year 1 revenue target and drawing projection.

Martin was working as a photocopy engineer, but after 10 years with no pay rise, and only 18 years until he reached retirement age, he started to seriously reconsider his future and his possible options.

Martin’s wife, Sue, formerly a nursing assistant, had started up a dog grooming business 2 years previously, which has been successful and this, more than anything, gave him the push to try working for himself too.

When he pictured the type of business he could see himself being happy running it was ideally DIY based, local and flexible but Martin also appreciated that having always been an employee he would need some practical re-training, as well as marketing and business support for his new venture.

Martin discovered franchising by attending a BFA seminar which helped him greatly when it came to investigating exactly what he needed from his franchisor and Shuttercraft provided him with all key answers he needed to make an informed decision.

Franchising appealed to him as not only would he be running his own business under the umbrella of an established brand, he would get the much needed training in his new career he wanted, he would also get the marketing and business support he knew he was going to need.

For Martin the shuttercraft franchise stood out head and shoulders above the rest because he had the backup of the leading shutter distributor in the UK that had not only developed some of the largest independent shutter retailers in the UK but also had account managers in the field that would provide help and support in developing local retail partnerships for him.

Martin has been impressed with the training and support he has received, saying:

“I have learnt how to measure and fit shutters in a very short time by being trained by some of the best fitters in the country.

The company started investing in me before I had even started setting up my web site and SEO-ing it, so that by the time I had completed my first month I already ranked number 1 for Google in my area. We have worked very hard on bringing in business and the beauty is that, because consumers pay a 50% deposit upon placing their order, this is a cash positive business from the day the first order is received.”

Martin has received all the training and support needed to set-up and run his shuttercraft business locally and this has included:

  • Training in shuttercraft's tried and tested consumer sales processes, resulting in a higher percentage of sale conversions
  • Access to shuttercraft's bespoke quoting and invoicing software which includes image rendering software that illustrates the shutter installation for the consumer
  • Comprehensive on the job product training with some of the best surveyors and fitters in the country to enable him to survey and fit shutters professionally
  • In the field support via business development managers who have developed many of the UK's leading independent retailers
  • Marketing and Sales training
  • Access to administration systems & their procedures
  • Marketing support to help him target prospects, push sales and achieve referrals

When Martin thinks back on how bleak his future was looking he says that “I wanted a good pension and a business I could build upon and ultimately sell as a great going concern. Buying my shuttercraft franchised business is, without doubt, the best thing I have ever done! I love being his own boss and the potential income is very attractive – everyone should do it!

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