Xenca: Ivor Richards


After being forced to leave work due to serious knee injury, I found that being self-employed through direct sales was the way forward giving me the opportunity to work when it suited me with tremendous reward.

One thing missing, which company was best to work with?

Then along came Xenca - a company offering our customers outstanding products and its associates with a unique concept in business ownership.

Xenca is the only company of its kind that is run entirely by its members for its members and it’s British.

So why Xenca?

Well initially I used the products which had a tremendous positive effect on my damaged knee. This has allowed me more freedom with the knee with the ability to manage it without supports; because of this it gave me great confidence in the products and from that I couldn’t wait to see how you turned Xenca products into a business.

The start-up cost is minimal and you get to choose from a selection of products in your start-up costs. You don’t have to carry stock as you can get next day delivery on all products.

Using the products personally gives you great confidence in promoting them.

The product range is every day repeat order products, that is so important in building your business and creating a passive income. The associate team has a training system that is second to none and available online 24/7, there is also support for everyone from a team member as your team builds and questions need answering.

Xenca’s mission is to make a difference to people’s quality of life they believe that ALL deserve to enjoy the best of health and wellbeing and to that end they have a product range second to none.

The product range offered is luxurious and affordable:-

  • Five a day+
  • Nutrition & Wellbeing
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Weight Control
  • Pet care
  • Skin Care and soon to be launched Makeup

Xenca commission plan pays associates generous commissions and offers everyone the opportunity to share in the company success.

So when Xenca welcome you to the team and say “together, we’re better” they mean every word of it and back you up in every aspect.

I have now gone on to build a successful Xenca business with a large client base and a team to be proud of with growth in all areas.

The future looks bright and as long as we follow the support of the Team, the training system in place and with Xenca being creative and moving forward all the time success is down to the amount of work you are prepared to put in.

Just check it out for yourself.

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