Xenca: Lester and Peta Feist


We had spent over twenty years building up our business from small beginnings in our tiny kitchen at home, through a large factory where the overheads proved too much of a burden, back to a medium sized commercial unit where we settled.

Although this was more manageable than the other two extremes, it was no less stressful and unless we committed to further considerable investment and risk, we had reached the limit to our income and therefore our lifestyle.

Then we heard of Xenca – a complete breath of fresh air in the business world.

We compared the Xenca products, business plan and whole ethos of the company and found very significant and exciting differences to the traditional business world we knew.It is also extremely flexible and adaptable and we are now really enjoying meeting a wide variety of people including individuals, businesses and organisations.

The products are unique, natural and unquestionably effective – we noticed a significant benefit to our general health straight away.They are sensibly priced and the support material is professional and informative.The training and advice available from the team is invaluable – in other businesses this would either be unheard of or hugely expensive and we found this one of the most exciting aspects of Xenca.

Other big advantages for us were the repeat order possibilities, no need to have money tied up in stock, no need for staff, and a free website ready and waiting to direct people to with really good quality information and an online ordering system that we could plug into straight away.

From a personal point of view, the idea of offering people healthy products that could improve their lives and helping other people start up their own businesses was really appealing.

Xenca has also given us the ability to build a residual income which, having no significant pension plan, gives us a sense of security for our future and the prospect of a healthy and active retirement when we get there.

We met the directors of Xenca and learned how they had started the company and of the co-operative community that they have put in place, along with their exciting plans for the future.We love the honesty of a company which actually does have the best interests of the members at its core and are increasingly grateful to be part of it.

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