Magazine Makers Ltd

Your chance to run your own community magazine and get the lifestyle you always wanted …but with 100% backup from us!!

Have you ever dreamed of running your own business and living the lifestyle that you and your family deserve with enough money and time to enjoy all the things your family love?

Well, you may well have found that opportunity here...

We are looking for people to expand our family of publishers in the UK and have developed, over the last 25 years in community publishing, a fool-proof business model for you to follow and create your own home based business free of the restraints of stock, staff or risk!

We publish community and other niche magazines that YOU can run as your own turnkey business with our proven method of working.

You don't need to know anything about publishing, graphics or printing because WE DO ALL THAT FOR YOU!

All you need is the skill to talk to people and sell a little... oh, and the dedication to afford this business the same time and effort as if you paid £50,000 for it and not under seven!

Your Magazine Makers Franchise

We provide you with everything you need to start and run this business either full or part time and the hours you work are up to you.

Perfect for those mums with kids at school, early retirees or those of you who have been made redundant or left the Services.

Our partners are granted exclusive rights to operate their own magazine in their chosen community. This is often the community they live or work in but may be within a reasonable travelling time of either. Each magazine partner is provided with a beautifully designed, professionally written magazine each month that they are free to amend or add to as they wish at the proof stage.

There are 3 key points when considering your Advertiser magazine business

1. Your Exclusive Area
2. Glossy Magazine
3. All design/printing is carried out by us

Each exclusive area is defined using the Royal Mail's postcode system. Each partner has their exclusive area of between 5,000 - 10,000 residential households defined and mapped for them as part of the Partnership Agreement.

Once you have established your own community magazine in your own area, you can start others further afield or you may decide to work on one of the other publications in our stable ... it's up to you!

On-going Backup and Support

The main thing we offer you is a turnkey business with total ongoing support round the clock. We are on hand to answer your calls, emails or texts when you send them ... we will never let you down, and we have made all the silly mistakes over the years so you don't have to ...

In as little as eight weeks you could be publishing the first issue of your very own magazine and making money from day one. The whole operation is based on our proven model and with the right effort on your part will not fail.

You don't need staff. You don't carry stock. You don't pay monthly franchise fees, and you can work from the smallest room in your home (OK, maybe not the smallest but you get what we mean!)

You talk to people and sell the ads, we do all the rest. We design the ads, put the magazine together, print however may copies you need and deliver them on a pallet to you. You then oversee the delivery each month and grow your magazine as you go forward.

Your Earning Potential

Realistic earnings from just one magazine, part time are around £2,000 a month. More if you work full time or run more than one magazine... not bad, eh?

Then, of course, there are our other titles (specifically suited to your area) that allow you to earn enough extra money to buy a new car every year or go on that 'once in a lifetime' holiday; or both!

The simple facts of the matter are... if you can talk to people, you can run this business and earn good money. If you want to do more, that's fine, and we will give you the tools to do that and get you quickly to a very comfortable six figure income but not use every minute of your time to achieve it!

This is NOT a 'get rich quick' scheme. They don't exist... fact. You need to put in reasonable effort and time — especially at the start, but very quickly you will see how you can be successful and live the life you always dreamed of.

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