Adbikes are pedal driven poster bikes created by Adbikes Media Ltd used by many companies and Businesses.

We are offering the Opportunity for Franchisees to share in the success of our Company, and to own their own proven advertising and promotion medium.

Adbikes are pedal driven poster bikes created by Adbikes Media Ltd and used by many Businesses and Companies all over the World

The AdBikes Business Opportunity

Our Business Proposition is very simple, in that we are Licensing Businesses and Entrepreneurs, to buy and use our Media products.

These products have been very successful here in the UK, Europe and many other places in the World.

We are charging no Percentage of Revenue, just a small annual Royalty fee (dependent on territory required) to use our registered trade names, and all our Business Know how.

This includes Powerpoint Presentation, Literature and more. (Please note the Royalty fee is a one off per annum and is regardless of how many Adbike units you take)

The Royalty will secure you an exclusive Territory whereupon we will contract to not sell, or license, to any other individual or Company in your area or Country.

The AdBikes Franchise Package

When you become a Licensee you will get the following Start up kit.

  • Entire picture and video library of Adbikes, on DVD
  • Links from all our Web sites to yours.
  • Sales Powerpoint presentations
  • Use of all our Logos and Trade Marks
  • All Terms and Conditions, Print Spec forms and Terms, etc for ongoing business, which you can use as the base to create your own.

All the above means that you can get your Business up and running very quickly with very little upfront cost or overhead, apart from the cost of the equipment.

The Adbikes themselves are also very keenly priced. We place no minimum requirement on the amount of Adbikes that you have to buy so you can start off with 1 if you wish.

We have already sold Licenses and Adbikes Equipment to many individuals and Companies, some of which have made their money back in the first few months of operation.

For instance, we sell the Advertising Media out to Clients here at £350 per Adbike per day and make a profit of around £200 per day.

On this basis you only have to make the Adbike work for 15 days to pay back the Capital cost of the Adbikes equipment!

When you become our Licensee we can provide you with our unique wearable screens, "Adscreens". These are high brightness LCD screens with great sound systems worn on peoples backs or fronts... Great For Exhibitions, Events, Shopping Centres, and all kinds of on street and Experiential Activity.

Essentially what we are offering is a tried and tested Ready-Made Business for a relatively Low Capital Cost.

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