Global Fitness & Nutrition Business

A Uniquely Rewarding Opportunity

Profit from one of the world's biggest consumer trends... and secure your financial future

Fitness, health and nutrition are subjects of immense interest to modern consumers. 

People are becoming increasingly conscious of their wellbeing - and the need to protect it - and this creates a huge opportunity for anyone offering the right products to help.

Our Fitness & Nutrition Division is geared to do just that. 

This is supported by a whole range of powerful, highly marketable world class nutritional products. Part of this range includes the renowned Zen Project 8 system. 

What's Included In Your Business Package

We provide everything you need to build a profitable new venture. It's one that could provide a life-changing income.

But what we offer goes well beyond just a product range and excellent profit margins. We also give you the tools, training and resources to capitalise on this unique opportunity:

  • Sophisticated lead management tools
  • Professional marketing materials
  • Live websites to promote your products and business
  • Online training and one-to-one coaching
  • Ready-made, automated emails and SMS texts to follow up leads

Introducing Zen Project 8

Amongst our world class nutritional range is our lead product, ZEN Project 8. ZP8 is a rigorously tested package of fitness measures.

An 8-week programme that combines premium Zen products, expert coaching, carefully planned recipes and support from a community of committed participants. 

Used worldwide and supported by an impressive global reputation, it’s a complete toolkit that offers great results and a great opportunity for sales.

Building Your Own Business

With literally millions of people looking for a dependable health and fitness programme, Zen Project 8 puts you in an ideal position to build a business. 

A successful track record in 50 countries and an international community of followers are clear proof of its popularity and its ability to win new customers.

By starting a business with Zen Project 8, you'll be tapping into a huge and eager market, and building a foundation for your own success.


Our Fitness & Nutrition Division is a unique opportunity for you to help people achieve the health improvements they want, while also building a highly rewarding business.

ZP8's success on six continents has shown that there is a ready market for its products, support, recipes and advice. People just like you are making ZP8 the foundation of lucrative new ventures; businesses that are generating significant incomes and freeing them from the dissatisfaction of their ordinary working routines.

  • Run your own business; be your own boss
  • A huge and fast-growing market
  • Low risk / high flexibility
  • Great profit potential
  • No limits to your earnings
  • Hours that suit you

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