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Save time with your favourite shows in one app.

Experience over 2,400 channels from around the world, available to you 24/7. Enjoy the latest and greatest Movies and TV Series.

Your Favourite Movies, Sports, & Over the Air Channels, and Box Set Movies and TV Series.

Easy To Use

Using an app on an Android Phone or Tablet, or Amazon Fire Stick for your TV, the service takes just a few minutes to get used to.

Just decide if you need it on 1, 2, or 3 devices.

The Right Place At The Right Time

For a reliable, premium all-round experience! 

You’re in the right place at the right time, and are making a great choice!

There is no need to have multiple services and still end up hunting for the show you want!

Refer Friends and Family, and Get Paid

Refer friends and get paid monthly for the life of their membership. Just 2 referrals can cover the cost of your own service.

Why Stop There!?

No MLM, No Pyramid, No Hard Sell; just a Unique, Easy Referral System. 

Your TV Plans

There is no Set-Up Charge for your Membership Plan or 'Refer a Friend' Compensation Plan.

Simply approve the one-time payment of £1, at enrolment, to set up a Direct Debit Mandate.

We then pro-rate a one-time partial-quarter payment to cover you to the end of this quarter.

'Full Quarter Payments' then begin on the 28th of December, March, June, or September, to cover January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December, based on:

1 Device for £30.00/quarter, 2 Devices for £40.00/quarter, or 3 Devices for £50.00/quarter

Earning Opportunity

Refer a Friend and Get Paid - Refer More and Get Paid More..!

You receive a Unique Referral Code (URC) to refer friends to enroll at:

No Sign-up Fees..! No MLM..! No Pyramids..! No Hard Sell..!

Just Give Friends Your URC to Enroll at:

Not only can you cover your Membership Cost by telling friends, you can build a large monthly income. Not only do you get paid for referring customers, but they will build your customer base for you too. 

We have a unique Pass-Up Process whereby your referred customers pass you every other customer they refer! You keep your first two referrals, and then start alternating between passing one up to the person that referred you and keeping one yourself.

If your plan costs £10/month, and you refer two friends, you earn at least £5/month on each to recoup your costs.

Say you refer 10 people over a period of time. Half are passed to the person that referred you, so you only get referral fees on the 5 that you keep. 

That doesn’t sound fair, right!? You gave away half of your customers! However, when the 5 you kept refer 10 customers each, half of them are passed to you. 

So, you get paid on your original 5, plus 25 extras that you were given. So, you end up with 10 - 5 + 25 = 30 customers that you get paid on. Sound fairer now..?

So, no Multi-Level Marketing and No Pyramids! You aren’t paid on multiple levels, trying to motivate a team of strangers. 

Everyone is a customer and is self-motivated to refer others, even if only to cover the cost of their own plan. Your customer base is built for you by those same customers - and everyone wins!!

Earn up to £10/month for every Active Customer that you refer or that is credited to you:

- Refer at least 1 New Customer / Month, on a 12 month rolling average, and Earn £5.00 / Month / Active Customer

- Refer at least 4 New Customers / Month, on a 12 month rolling average, and Earn £7.50 / Month / Active Customer

- Refer at least 8 New Customers / Month, on a 12 month rolling average, and Earn £10.00 / Month / Active Customer

Let's say you refer an average of 4 customers/month, giving you 48 in a year. 

You keep 24 of them, right? 

If those 24 even only did half of what you did, as well as getting paid on your original 24, those 24 pass up 12 more each, giving you a combined total of 312, so now you get paid on 312 @ £7.50. 

That’s £2,340/month. Of course, that assumes those 312 tell nobody and the referrals stop there, but you know they won’t…

We have quoted equivalent monthly numbers for simplicity. However, all Membership and Compensation Plans are based on calendar quarters; January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December. 

So, you actually earn from £15 to £30/quarter for Customers attributed to you. Yes, each referral can earn you up to £120/year. 

You can also earn up to £120/year on customers passed to you by your customers, accelerating your earning potential.

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