These are unprecedented times!

Has the past year forced you to re assess your future?

- Perhaps you may be facing possible redundancy or reduced hours when furlough ends or is tapered down.

 - Are you unemployed and finding job seeking tough?

- Maybe you are none of the above but are just looking for a way to earn some extra cash.

One thing's for sure, we've all got to pay the bills and that is something that's not going away.

The Metisse Business Opportunity:

We manufacture and supply the 'Metisse' brand UPVC animal pens and garden products to home owners / vets surgeries / animal shelters / catteries etc.

All our products are from 85% recycled material and are strong, maintenance free,long lasting, rot proof and easy to clean. In the case of animal pens, hygenic too. 

They incorporate our unique 'no tools required' lock together system where an animal pen can be disassembled for cleaning and built again in minutes making them the most practical on the market. They are easily stored in a small space, a big positive for the domestic pet owner.

We also produce garden fencing / planters and trellis using the same system and materials.

Most homes in the UK have a garden and more people since lockdown now have a pet. 

The market on your doorstep is huge!

Do You Need Previous Experience?

No, Training and equipment and enough materials to show a good profit is supplied in the starter pack.

You will be 'working for yourself but not by yourself' as we are always available to support you.

This is a business opportunity without any ongoing fees and has a one off cost but as a 'Metisse' manufacturer and supplier you will have exclusive access to all materials ongoing and also new products in the future.

Flexible Working

You can work as many hours as you want, whenever you want, full time / part time / anytime but you will need a small space in which to work (a garage at home is ideal).

"Going great" started august last year and averaged £700 p/w since".
Geoff Brooker / Totnes, Devon

"Really enjoy this, it's been a great add on to my dog boarding kennels business"
Ronald Bell / Woodbridge, Suffolk

Does This Sound Of Interest?

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