Giving players in more than 180 countries, access to the world’s biggest lotteries.

A Modern Makeover for an Old-Fashioned Game!

Lottery has been part of our way of life for centuries. Most countries operate a state run lottery to raise money for good causes.

But in 2021, when the Internet has allowed us to improve the speed and efficiency of almost every part of our lives, the lottery remains stubbornly stuck in the last century.

People still queue in shops and use cash to buy paper tickets, to play a single lottery for a relatively modest prize. It feels very 1990s.

Lottery needs a twenty-first century makeover that makes it a more universal, more attractive game. One that appeals to a wider range of people.

What is Crypto Millions Lotto?

Crypto Millions Lotto is the world’s biggest digital lottery site, where people in over 180 countries can play the numbers on ten of the world’s biggest lotteries, including the UK National Lottery, Mega Sena in Brazil, and the two biggest US lotteries, Powerball, and Mega Millions.

But there’s one significant difference, Crypto Millions Lotto is played using bitcoin.

Players who don’t hold bitcoin can buy it on the website using any number of alternative payment methods available in their country with credit/debit card purchase imminent. 

The makes Crypto Millions Lotto available to a significant number of people.

In addition to this, the jackpots on Crypto Millions Lotto are much bigger than elsewhere. They start at $10 million but can increase to more than $250 million and they are guaranteed to be bigger than the jackpot of the underlying lottery or any other online lottery site. 

That means that someone who has bought a winning ticket for MegaMillions on Crypto Millions Lotto, will win a bigger jackpot than someone who bought a winning ticket direct from the lottery.

Why Invest?

  • First mover advantage in a $300 billion market.
  • Proven model, excellent traction, and positive cashflow.
  • Experienced team, including former directors of large US state lotteries.
  • Projected 20 times return in 3 years.
  • Buoyant sector. Lots of recent listings at huge multiples.
  • Early exit. Defined plan to list or merge with a SPAC in 12-18 months.

About Crypto Millions Lotto

  • Online access to play the world’s ten biggest state lotteries.
  • The biggest jackpots anywhere – fully insured and guaranteed.
  • 100% online. 100% digital.
  • Disruptive Affiliate and Refer-a-Friend programmes.
  • Full international gaming licence to operate in more than 180 countries.
  • Sponsor of major sporting events and Italian Serie A club, Atalanta.

Tax Advantages - The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)

The Enterprise Investment Scheme is a Government scheme that provides a range of tax reliefs for UK resident tax payers who subscribe for shares in qualifying companies. These tax reliefs are significant and help magnify gains and reduce any losses.

Wilmington Holdings PLC is a Qualifying Company, which has been approved by HMRC for its shares to qualify for the EIS.

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