5 Reasons Why 2014 May Be The Year To Start Your Own Franchise Business


Why NOW is the best time to start your own Business/ Franchise?

Now why would you want to start your own business today? Or I suppose the question should really be why you aren’t happy in your existing job or if you are out of work, why are you perhaps skeptical in re-joining the working world.

Well I think we can all agree that many of the reservations here can be directly attributed to the economical downfall we have experienced in the UK in the last 5 years or so. With redundancy levels increasing, the lack of job security for many in a fragile corporate environment and the more personal reluctances, like simply, working for someone else again, I’m sure all play a part in the mindset of many, in feeling a reluctance to regain work. However, we all have bills to pay,and must do what is necessary to pay them and live. But is there another option? Ever considered starting your own business? Well whatever your answer, read our Top 5 reasons why now the best time to start your own business.

1. Stability/ Instability -

The corporate world has never been more unstable with a dramatic rise in redundancy levels reported in recent years. This only highlights the difficulties many companies across nearly all business sectors are experiencing and offer little security or peace of mind for many needing work. Of course there are a number of uncertainties starting your own business, however the diminish in security in other sectors may highlight there may be no better time to try it alone. Also you are backed by an established and proven business model, supported by your peers and trained franchisee staff.

2. Do What You Love -  

None of us enjoy the stress of working for others, in a job you don’t particularly enjoy, and unfortunately, a quick trip to the pub on a Friday after work and chat with your friends and colleagues only highlights how this is an issue for many out there. So now you have a chance to do what you love. With low cost business opportunities varying from cleaning to computers, from education to entertainment, the range of opportunities out there is huge. So ditch the mundane and to do what you love.

3. Flexibility –

We could all use some spare time every now and again. Whether this may be because of family commitments, busy home lives or even just to take time out and enjoy other interests, we could all some extra flexibility in our jobs. Low cost franchise and businesses offer this. With many offering part time and Home based opportunities a low cost opportunity can give you the flexibility to effectively balance your work and home life.

4. Cheaper Fees -

Because of the economic struggle the UK has seen in recent years, there is no better time, nor choice of low investment opportunities out there. Many expanding businesses out there understand that with the tightening of the purse strings from banks and other lenders, many are reluctant or indeed capable of generating the type of resources to investment in a high end franchise model, and so the rise in popularity of low cost franchise/ license opportunities offering low entry fees has never been bigger.

5. Cheaper Marketing Opportunities -

Of course a huge element of starting your own business is marketing effectively to reach your target audience and potential client/ customer base. There are numerous channels to market and naturally the costs involved are directly associated with which channels you use, and how far you wish to spread your reach.

Although generally one of the more costly aspects of launching a business, we have of course seen in recent years a tremendous rise in the use and development of Social Media. Such channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube offer the
potential to spread your message far and wide by utilizing and expanding social networks. There are as always, options to many for many of the services that are on offer, but generally the majority of these channels to help promote your business are free, allowing you to reach a far wider audience than you potentially would have before, should you have needed to pay or such services.