5 Signs That You Might Be Ready to Start Your Own Business in 2016


There are a number of obvious draws that attract people to starting their own business. Becoming your own boss, not working for someone else, more flexibility and greater financial gains often top the list.

But aside from the usual attractions to the idea, there may be obvious signs in your current employment that indicate that you could be ready to start your own business in 2016.

You Feel You Have More to Offer

Do you find that in your current place of work, you feel that you have more to give, or that extra level of service to offer that isn’t fully utilised?

This point does crossover with those below but stands alone as an obvious indicator that perhaps starting your own business might be a good option for you.

In many companies, especially larger corporations, the skills and efforts that you bring can be severely diluted. Perhaps you offer exceptional customer service that sets you apart from the rest, or maybe you are a real work horse, always going that extra mile for your customers, traits that you know could form part of the basis for your own successful business.

Starting from scratch however can be very difficult. Investing in a franchise or licence business can help reduce many of the associated risks with going into business by yourself, but gives you a framework and blueprint to build your business upon and imprint your personal skills to add value to your customers.

Not Enjoying Your Work

Now I’m sure that after the Christmas and New Year break, many of us may groan at the thought of going back to work, normal after an extended break over such a wonderful period.

For many however this goes deeper. If you find yourself counting down the days each week to the weekend whilst at work, and then miserable over the weekend at the thought of returning again on Monday, you clearly don’t enjoy your job, and may well be in the wrong place. This isn’t how it should be and the satisfactions gained in starting and growing your own business are like no other.

There is a career out there for you that would ensure that your working day/ week is something that you actually look forward to. Loving your work is important and can play a key part in your future success. If this is not you, perhaps you should be looking at new career options and perhaps going into business for yourself might be the answer.


Are you one of those people that feels undervalued in your current job or career? You may be very skilled at what you do but no matter the quality or impact of your work in your current work place, you don’t seem to gain the recognition that you deserve. Maybe now is the time to make a change and to start benefitting from the work and efforts that you put in.


We all have different motivators at work. Self-gratification, fulfilment, personal development and more. But of course no matter what job we do, or career we choose, our financial gains are essential in maintaining the lifestyles that we have created for ourselves and on a more basic level, allowing us to survive.

If you feel that you are underpaid for what you do and this of course goes hand in hand with feeling undervalued, perhaps in comparison to other colleagues around you, or against the industry you work in as a whole, maybe you should be looking at new future career options that would bring you the long term financial security you feel you deserve. Starting your own business can do this and although the efforts must be put in, the financial rewards can be great. You should start asking yourself, ‘Am I worth more’?

Isolated From Colleagues

We have all had colleagues, managers, peers at work that perhaps we just don’t click with, or rub each other up the wrong way. In the wrong job or career, you may however find yourself feeling very isolated from those around you.

Perhaps you don’t agree with business decisions in the work place, struggle to find the value that colleagues around you add or on a personal level, don’t ‘click’ with the corporate mind-set you find surrounding you.

Operating your own business gives you much more freedom to express you skills and talents and build an operation around you that fits your philosophy and mind-set.

Not for one minute am I suggesting that just because you don’t like Jim on the desk next to you, you should now go out and start your own business, but if you are a budding entrepreneur just waiting to burst out of the rat race bubble, you may find yourself isolated at work. This can be very tough and may be a sign that you are in the wrong place. A new direction might be the best option for you.

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