Aspray: Are You Looking To Invest Your Money In a Franchise?


Aspray’s top tips to finance your franchise dream.

You may have completed your research, chosen the sector you’re interested in and received advice from family and friends; now the big question is…can you afford it? Every franchise opportunity is different and the investment levels will vary.

It is important to plan and understand the costs involved in buying and owning a franchise to try to avoid being pushed to your financial limits.

It can be difficult to calculate your projected earnings with a franchise, as your business could take longer to establish than initially thought. This is why, as well as your initial and startup costs, back up funds should also be available for you to fall back on. Seeking independent financial advice is important when making the decision to buy a franchise. You clearly need to know what level of investment is required, how soon the business is likely to make a profit, and how much return on the capital you have employed is likely, and when.

Do you need to borrow money? Don’t worry! Banks understand that lending to franchisees can often be safer, since they already have an established franchise system. To franchises with a proven business model and a good track record of repayments, some major banks can lend up to 70% of the start-up costs.

Banks are usually prepared to lend Aspray franchisees up to 70% of the total amount they need to start their business. Once you have decided that you will need to take out a bank loan, prior to the meeting with the bank, you should be prepared to answer the following questions;

How much can you invest? By investing your own money it proves to the bank that you are willing to contribute and therefore dedicated to making the business a success.

Do you have a business plan? It is important to present a business plan to the bank to demonstrate that you have mapped out your plans and how you will create a successful business.

How do you intend to pay the money back? The bank will want to know where your repayment will be coming from and whether your goals are achievable.

Can you ensure the business will be a success? The banks will need to know all about the franchise opportunity, their franchisees record of repayments and why you are choosing to invest in that particular franchise.

Aspray wish you well in your journey to purchasing a franchise.

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