Aspray: Storms Cause Chaos Across The UK!


Storms Henry, Abigail, Barney, Clodagh, and most recently, Desmond have caused chaos nationwide during these winter months. The result of this being that many policyholders need the Aspray service more than ever.

Storm Desmond has recently caused devastation in parts of Britain, particularly in the north of England and Scotland. The resultant flooding caused damage to homes and businesses; In Cumbria alone, 2,000 homes and businesses were flooded and at least 60,000 properties were left without power. The people who were affected will have many other issues to deal with, therefore they may need Aspray to take care of their claims for them, allowing them time to deal with other matters.

Do you want to help policyholders in time of need?

The Aspray service is a much needed support for many policyholders in the event of extreme weather causing damage to their property.

We help them achieve a fair settlement from their insurer and, working with vetted contractors, we ensure that their homes are reinstated to their previous condition as swiftly as possible.

Aspray are looking for individuals who are professional, driven and keen to take up a high-end income career. We look for individuals to project manage property damage insurance claims on behalf of the policy holder across the UK on a self-employment basis.

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