Franchise/ Licence Opportunities for Women


Franchise/ Licence Opportunities for Woman

With the wide and varied selection of UK franchises available in the market today, as expected, these appeal to many different

Although statistics show that there are more male to female franchisees operating in the UK today, there is an increasing number of franchise opportunities available, appealing more to the female sector, a clear reflection of the increasing number of female franchisees out there.

So, which franchises are for women? Well there is no definitive answer. The majority of all franchise operations are naturally focused on the person behind the investment when recruiting franchisees, rather than gender. There are however a select few opportunities out there where they may look specifically for women (e.g a woman’s networking franchise), but these are few and far between.

There are of course a number of franchise opportunities that appeal far more to the female sector, such as opportunities to work with babies, children's, Beauty, some creative arts, flower arranging etc.

So why would these appeal to a woman seeking a business investment?

Franchising in general of course appeals largely to business minded folk, seeking effective and potentially lucrative investment
opportunities. But in the female sector, there are certain factors about owning a franchise that would appeal to many female groups.

Many opportunities here are designed to be flexible, part time and/or home based business opportunities. This of course opens up a fantastic opportunity for ‘mums return to work’, looking to get back into employment or to earn and additional second income stream in their spare time.

This is fantastic for women looking to find a manageable work life balance, offering work opportunities that can easily fit around their busy home and family lives.

Some of the most well-known party planning, cosmetics licenses were launched and have grown by appealing largely to this sector. So with the range of low cost female focused ‘Licence Opportunities’  and ‘Franchise Opportunities’, it is fantastic that the business investments arena is growing to attract a diverse range of potential business owners, especially with the varying reasons behind people wanting to own and operate their own business.