Goldgenie: Gold Plated iPhone 11


Apple Inc newest additions hit the market last month and hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have already got their hands on the latest step in the technological world.

The iPhone 11 Pro is truly a game-changer, so whether you are a photographer, tech nerd or a businessman looking for the newest piece of tech to make your life that little bit easier, Apple have of course got you covered.

This extraordinary addition in the tech world was introduced to the world by Apple as “Welcome to the first iPhone powerful enough to be called Pro”, so what does this iPhone have that pushes the boundaries of modern technology.

The camera! A transformative triple-camera system that adds “tons of capability without complexity.” The iPhone 11 Pro’s camera system holds an Ultra-Wide Camera with 120-degree field of view, a Wide Camera with optical image stabilisation and 100% focus pixels and last but by no means least a Telephoto Camera; 2x optical zoom, 12MP sensor, and 52mm focal length.

These cameras are truly going to be a game-changer in the photography world, easily rivalling your ‘traditional cameras’ and their capabilities.

The iPhone 11 Pro lets you zoom from the Telephoto all the way out to the new Ultra-Wide camera, for an impressive 4x optical zoom range. So, whether you are shooting a photo of your kids running on the sand, a headshot for your next audition or stunning scenery shots, this camera is more than capable of keeping up!

Alongside its ultra-long battery life, and a mind-blowing new chip that pushes the boundaries of what smartphones can do, the new iPhone 11 Pro is unstoppable!

Of course, Goldgenie has added their own ‘Midas touch’ to the latest addition and the iPhone 11 Pro 24k Gold, Rose Gold, and Platinum are now available to order.

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