Leisure Leagues: Massive Earning Potential


Massive Earning Potential

There is big money to be earned from football – isn’t it about time you took some of it with the help of Leisure Leagues.

5 and 6 a side football has grown exponentially in the last two decades. In fact, recent research from Nike has found that there are 5 million people regularly playing 5 and 6 a side football in the UK and Ireland.

Here at Leisure Leagues our experienced, helpful and innovative staff have worked in the Football Business long enough to know this simple equation.

When it comes to five a side football we reckon that there is AT LEAST ONE TEAM FOR EVERY THOUSAND OF THE POPULATION (and a lot of our partner leagues achieve a much higher ratio than that).

Income Potential

No. of Teams       1       12       24       48       96


Centre Cost£7£85£165£335£670

Refs Cost£2.50£0£60£120£240

Management Fee£3£36£72£144£288

Gross Profit Weekly £12.50£179£303£601£1202

Annual Gross Profit£625£8,950£15,150£30,050£60,100

Avg. hours worked per weekNA451224

These examples are based on teams paying £25 per week. Charge per team is at your discretion therefore your potential income may be more than the examples shown.

Just to put that into perspective that means even if you live in a place with 8000 people then you will – with the help of Leisure Leagues – get a decent league up and running and start yourself off on your Football Business journey.

A 16 team league should see you repay your initial investment within six months – leaving you on course to make a SUBSTANTIAL PROFIT in year one.

With a Leisure Leagues franchise it really is possible to earn a FULL TIME wage from just PART TIME hours.

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