November 2013 - Easy Apps Business: From Radio station to TV chef every business needs an app.


Easy Apps Business Opportunity:  From Radio station to TV chef every business needs an app.

November 2013

Apps are changing the way we communicate with business on a daily bases, A Deloitte survey over the summer found the following.

72% of us now has a smart phone

1 in 3 of us use an app every day and prefer shopping via an app instead of a website

97% of business do not have a mobile app

There are still less than 1 million apps in the Apple and Google apps stores

The number of us using mobile apps is accelerating but most business are still in the pit lane deciding what to do.  In a world of technology evolving at an incredible rate it can be difficult to keep up.

Here at Easy Apps Business we are looking at pushing the boundaries so from TV station apps to chef apps, we believe there is a app for every business on the planet.

We have just launched Kool 97 FM which is a radio station in Jamaica.  They are the first radio station to offer a dedicated app to their listeners which will give them a edge in the radio market on the island.  Currently available on Google play (Apple coming soon), just search for Kool 97 FM Jamaica

We will also soon be launching at Chef app (for cooking) , the Chef is called Peter Sidwell.

Pete is fast becoming one of TV’s best known chefs with shows on Channel 4 and currently on ITV. He is now filming series 2 of the successful Britain’s Best Bakery due to air later this year on ITV.

Britain’s Best Bakery

Pete is the co-presenter and the face of ‘Britain’s Best Bakery’. Currently filming series 2, the series is set to air on ITV1. He will be returning on screen with Mich Turner MBE, series produced by Shine TV production

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