Fitness - Business Opportunities

The Fitness sector is a multi-million pound industry and holds fantastic profit and growth potential.

With obesity levels reaching a high in the UK today and subsequently heightened awareness on maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle, the Fitness industry is booming and now you can enjoy the benefits of such a flourishing sector.

A Fitness Business Opportunity allows you to own and operate your own business in the Fitness industry with a range of business opportunities available.

From operating in a gym environment, fitness classes for children and even sports classes and coaching a Fitness Business Opportunity may hold the key to a brighter future.

  • Care Warehouse

    Care Warehouse

    3 in 1 Income Stream Business

    Investment Level: £5,000

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  • Zinzino


    Health and Wellbeing Business Opportunity

    Investment Level: 695 Recommended Starting Point

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  • ZEN Project 8

    ZEN Project 8

    Weight Management Business Opportunity

    Investment Level: £200

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  • Xenca


    A British business run by the people, for the people

    Investment Level: £50

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