Franchise PLC have offices in UK, Europe, USA, Middle East, Pakistan and over two decades of experience in franchising businesses, offers a complete franchise consultancy and development service.

We provide creative and practical solutions to our clients delivering sustainable lasting results and provide a strong platform for continued growth.

We are a firm of professional and experienced franchise consultants and yet without all the overhead associated with large firms. We will deliver what you want, not what we think you want. Our reward is finishing the job in accordance with your desires and enabling you to embark on a profitable successful franchising journey.

Franchise plc knows the franchise industry and how it works. Our knowledge is based on providing practical solutions. We can accelerate any existing franchisor or build an efficient newcomer into the franchising business. We work hard to differentiate ourselves from other franchise consultants. Quite simply our objectives are to assist businesses expand through franchising nationally and internationally.

Franchise Services We Offer

We have developed a wide range of practical systems and services covering all area of franchising. Depending on where you are in Franchise lifecycle, listed here are just some of the areas in which we can offer Franchise Consultancy services:

Getting You Ready Yo Franchise

  1. Initial free consultation call - Is your business franchisable?
  2. Strategic planning and implementation schedule
  3. Plan and develop the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
  4. Franchise agreement, operations manual, franchise application
  5. Define ideal candidate profile & target market
  6. Define franchisee acceptance process
  7. Territory definition and mapping
  8. Assistance in Discovery Day mapping
  9. Define training system and manuals
  10. Content assessment for franchise website

Getting You Ready To Sell Franchises

  1. Identify ideal candidate profile, background and financial requirements.
  2. If working with broker group Implement system for territory checks and pre-registration.
  3. Define and map sales process.
  4. Consult on existing sales and marketing materials or source providers.
  5. CRM system consulting.
  6. Advise on franchise promotions, directories, press release and identify trade shows.
  7. Connect with key brokers and consultants’ networks.
  8. Assess brokers network promotional materials.
  9. Advise on Franchise sales process
  10. Consulting on sales process and Discovery Day

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